Best Content Management System web hosting of 2016

Best Content Management System web hosting of 2016

Best Content Management System web hosting of 2016

Content Management System is usually called CMS and nowadays there are many CMS that we can find. The problem is that, it will be impossible for use to learn all those CMS for picking one who really suites with our website. We need for only learning one or two CMS that has a great flexibility and power as well. Below are three best CMS that becomes most options for most of the users in this world.

  1. WordPress

At the first time, there are a lot of people debated whether WordPress is a CMS or not because it has a root as a blogging platform. However, this debate was fallen by some points that WordPress now is becoming a power for the non blog websites. It is one of the Best Content Management System of 2016 because of plenty functionalities such as thousands of themes, widgets and plugins. With these custom themes and plugins, you can turn this CMS into a commerce site, forum, social sites and many more. Some strengths that are owned by WordPress are it has big developer community and tutorials, there are free or paid plugins, specialized themes, etc.

  1. Joomla

Did you know that Joomla is used by some prominent companies such as MTV, Harvard University and also IHOP? We can say that this CMS is used for the back end purpose, reservation system, inventory control system, complex business and the normal websites as well. Until know, Joomla has for about 200,000 users and contributors around this world. It means that finding a tutorial and information about Joomla is a piece of cake. One thing that made Joomla as one of the Best Content Management System of 2016 is about thousands of themes and plugins. The users’ authentication in Joomla can be done with OpenID, LDAP, and Google as well.

  1. Drupal

Drupal is the third famous CMS that is used by some popular and high profile companies such as MIT, Sony Music, New York Observer and the other big companies. Drupal has many features for building the External or Internal sites. There are also a ton of tools that can be used to organize your content. We can also say that Drupal has a really active community such as the community about documentation. This community will allow you to know more about building modules and sites, installation, design some themes and many more. That is why; Drupal is becoming one of the Best Content Management System of 2016. On Drupal, you can find more than 6000 add ons or it is also called modules. It is a function that will make you easier to focus on the content and content. It is really useful that you may not be confused by a lot of complicated features. Some strength that this Best Content Management System of 2016 had is such as the robust community, IRC channels and much more again.