Business Prospects of Reseller Linux Hosting

As this is the digital era, the important role of internet can no longer be denied. Those who can’t optimize the power of internet will be left behind by the competitor. To use the power of internet, having a good and powerful website is a must. All business entities have their own website and it creates a big demand in web industry not only web design and development but also web hosting. This creates a very promising business opportunity.

It is a prospect you can’t denied. You can take advantage of this web hosting demand to build your own web hosting business. It doesn’t always need huge investment to build a data center with hundreds of servers, there’s a better option with reseller hosting and it would be so much preferable with reseller linux hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting can be described as you buy hosting space in bulk and resell it to third party users. You can imagine yourself as a middleman with web hosting space as the product. In this arrangement, web hosting company will be renting hard drive space and bandwidth to another entity, usually small or medium company, that will rent it to other companies. As the reseller hosting company, you can offer hosting service with your own brand or company name, while you actually use the infrastructure rented from the hosting company. This arrangement benefits both parties as small entities can offer hosting service to its clients while the hosting company will be able to optimize the space and bandwidth. It is proven to be highly prospective and no wonder most major hosting companies today are offering reseller hosting. Reseller hosting packages are usually including: disk scape, bandwidth, web hosting, cPanel, and various features available for your clients.

Why Linux Hosting?

When you are planning to start your own reseller hosting business, you will come to one big question: is it Linux or Windows? Both are popular platform for web hosting widely used these days. It is true it depends of the website owners to choose between both platforms but there are advantages of choosing reseller linux hosting. First, Linux has been widely known as popular choice of operating system for web servers. The nature of its open source platform becomes one of the strongest factors. Even it is hailed as the best operating system for web hosting, thanks to its proven reliability, stability, and efficiency. Second advantage is the wide options of applications to choose. With Linux web hosting, the script for the web will be PHP, Phyton, CGI, or Perl. There are almost unlimited open source applications to be used on the website. Focusing on Linux hosting will be ideal when your clients are mostly hosting information rich website.

Choosing the Right Reseller Hosting Packages for Linux

As mentioned above, many major web hosting companies are currently offering reseller hosting packages. It gives you many options to choose for your own reseller hosting business. Of course, you need to find the best package to be able to deliver the best deal to your clients. There are several factors to consider when choosing reseller linux hosting packages:

  • Technical specifications. It is including RAM amount, disk space, and processing power. It is important the specifications are suitable with your actual needs.
  • Bandwidth limitations. The bandwidth must be able to accommodate website traffics. It would be so much better to choose unlimited bandwidth packages.
  • Technical supports. It is a must to choose the one offering 24/7 tech supports. It is important to make sure any problem with the website hosting can be fixed right away.
  • Scalability. The reseller hosting package must be able to be scalable to meet the future growth of your business.
  • Price. Last but not least, it is a very crucial factor. The price must be good enough to keep you competitive in web hosting market.