Reseller Windows Hosting Business

Thinking about getting a reseller hosting for windows? The booming in web hosting business isn’t one thing to ignore. The increasing demand of web hosting is a clear sign how prospective this business and starting with reseller hosting, you can utilize this prospect. With reseller hosting, you can start a prospective hosting business without big investment on the infrastructure. You can focus on getting new clients that need web hosting services.

New Prospect of Reseller Hosting

Web hosting is no longer for big companies. Reseller hosting system allows small and medium business entities to offer hosting services. Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting allowing the account owner to resell the disk space and bandwidth to third parties. With this system, you can run your own web hosting business although you are only renting disk space and bandwidth from other company. It is made possible with many big hosting companies offering reseller hosting packages with white label. Of course, choosing the right reseller hosting packages from the right provider is very crucial.

Reseller Windows Hosting

Why reseller windows hosting? That’s a very good question. It is already a common knowledge that Linux is the most popular operating system for web hosting. Most website developers and website owners prefer Linux for its reliability, stability, and efficiency. It can’t be denied that the open source platform becomes a strong reason to choose Linux upon Windows because there are so many open source applications available for Linux hosted website. But it doesn’t mean there’s no advantages of using Windows for web hosting. Windows hosting is preferable for dynamic website as it requires ASP or ASP.NET. Modern websites are required to be dynamic with multimedia and rich of features. Windows web hosting allows easier integration using drag and drop mechanism. The right configuration of server combined with proper degree of maintenance will make Windows hosting can be as reliable or even more reliable compared to Linux hosting.

Choosing Reseller Windows Hosting

It is said that Windows has more prospect in web hosting industry and no wonder more and more websites are based on Windows hosting. That’s one reason why choosing reseller windows hosting sounds like a good business decision. When you are looking to offer web hosting with your own brand name. The most crucial thing is looking for white-label hosting. Be sure that the reseller hosting packages offered by the provider is white-label with customized plans.

The hosting provider to choose must be the most reliable one. Delivering the best quality services to your clients is a must and it can only be possible when the web host is 100% reliable. Otherwise, you will be busy dealing with clients complaining about website downtime. It takes time to research hosting providers and their reseller hosting packages. Professional reviews on hosting providers can be good source to help you get clear and unbiased information before you make any decision. While you are researching the hosting providers and reseller hosting packages, there are several factors to consider. Technical specs like disk space, RAM, and bandwidth are definitely the basics. It is also important to have feature rich control panel to manage all accounts and websites. Management panel is also required to be easy to use. Value added features can be strong factor to get more clients. The hosting must have the features most client needs.

Once you compared all those factors, it’s down to one thing: price. The most important thing in this business is competitive price. The price for the reseller windows hosting packages must be feasible to keep you competitive in web hosting market because this is the time when every penny really counts. There’s no more reason you can’t have your own web hosting business.