Unlocking the difference between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting

Unlocking the difference between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting

Unlocking the difference between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting

You enter a web hosting website and you are hammered with terms such as windows hosting and linux hosting. What is the difference? How much does it differ? Well, let’s just say that Linux hosting is the one that is more suitable for common use and windows hosting comes with extra perks that only developers would usually use.

Here’s some guidelines that will make your decision for pain free:

What is your budget?

If you are on a strict budget, Linux hosting might be something that you want to consider because Windows licenses will add a licensing cost to your budget. There are a variety of Linux distributions available for no charge. Therefore, if you are tight on the money side, linux would be something that you might want to opt for.

What is your software requirements?

IF you aren’t sure of your software requirements, ask your website developers. They will usually provide you with advice on what you need and what you should spend on.

If you only need PHP and MySQL, the better recommendation is to go for a linux hosting, although it works on cheap asp.net hosting as well. This will be a more bang for buck for your budget. On the other hand, if you need ASP, .NET, Microsoft SQL? Websites with such requirements will find a Windows hosting environment most suitable. This is to ensure that the full capability of the hosting is achieved.

Always consult your developer before you purchase and do not buy more than what you need. The extra money saved can get your more things that you actually need.

What User Interface Do You Need?

The user interface chosen depends on the technical knowledge level of your company.

If you used to Windows platform, having a Windows server may seem like a more sane decision for you. A windows server allows you to connect to the server through Remote Desktop (RDP) and use programs on the server just as you would on your computer at home.

If you are more used to a shared web hosting, such as a case where you are migrating from a lower powered shared hosting service to your own dedicated server, you may be best suited for a Linux server with a control panel. Linux hosting usually comes with Cpanel and a good 30 minutes of video tutorial would set you up for what you need. It’s easier to manage as well and are more user friendly.

Providing Access To Other Users 

It is important to consider how you will provide access to other users. This may include other members of your staff, your development team, or even your own clients.

On windows server, you can use the multiple license access to provide access to people of different level, depending on how you set up the authorization.

As for Linux hosting, the sharing part is more robust and is less controlled. If you are planning to have only one team handling the website, this will not really be a problem for your organization.